We Are the People Too – by Igor Farion

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U.S. ImmigrationIgor’s (edited) Letter to the People of America:

 October 1, 2013

Dear America!!!

Thank you very much for dedicating your valuable time in reading my letter.

I dedicate this letter to my parents, whom I did not see for over 22 year, because everything starts at home with their love and commitment.  To my younger brother and his family; they are always my inspiration. To my nieces, whom I did not see yet; may they have a better future!

To happiness – may everyone find it!


There are many reasons why people write. For some it is a way to express themselves and a pleasant way to spend their free time. For others it is desperation and a way to be heard and to find some answers to a life long struggle.

So here I’m in my life when after many years of living in the country I have more questions than answers. Before anybody starts to criticize me, I’m asking you to be patient and to read this letter to the end. I ask you to do so not only for myself; do it for other people, who currently do not have a voice in our society, do it for you, and do it for the country.

My name is Igor Farion and I have been living in greater Cleveland, Ohio in the county of Cuyahoga for over 22 years.  I have never been arrested.  I worked 12+ years for the same employer and had a good reputation.  I had a work permit at that time, paid my taxes, and was represented by American lawyers in order to gain permanent residency status.  I spent a lot of money for their services.  Even though these attorneys claimed expertise in their knowledge of immigration practices, they made mistakes, which put me in the position I am today. So I like millions of other immigrants, am living in the USA without proper documentation and cannot defend myself.  Both my attorneys have been disciplined by the state of Ohio and indefinitely suspended from the practice of law in Ohio.

I learned a new trade and began working as a self-employed person, working hard to build clientele to eventually give an opportunity to others for employment by expanding my business.  I pay taxes and have done a lot of good for many people handling myself ethically and keeping in mind each person’s home is their castle making sure I fulfilled their wishes in the work requested to be done.

Both my parents are very sick.  My father had a second stroke, his health is very fragile. For the last 18 month he is in bed and his health is decreasing very rapidly.  I have not seen them for more than 22 years.  If I leave now I can lose all I worked so hard to get. And if I do not leave I may never see them alive. I think that you will agree with me that no individual should make that kind of choice in a free democratic society.

Immigration has made this country great, and blocking it hurts US.  When will the politician start to understand that?

During the twenty-two-plus years I lived in Cuyahoga County, Ohio I bought and still own a condominium from the year 1997.  I have paid city and property taxes as required and now INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) wants to deport me.

Why is there a deportation order for a person like myself, who pays taxes, owns property and lives in CuyahogaCounty and has never relied on any government aid for more than 22 years?   That does not make any sense.

Is it humane to hunt a person in a democratic society when that person only wishes for a better life for himself and the people he encounters through the work he does?  My taxes are paid.  I am vested in US social security program.  I never hid from the law before.  I did not use any government help and have only contributed to society.  Now INS wants to arrest me and I am at risk of losing all that I have worked so hard to get.  Is it fair that I have contributed towards taxes and social security to lose it all now?

How is that legal or lawful to keep millions of people in this situation?  Who is benefiting from this?

Slavery in this country was resolved a long time ago but not solving the immigration   problem will give new meaning to the word slavery in America in the 21st century.

Now I would like to share with you my thought on this problem. As I see we have two categories of undocumented people. On one hand there are the people who overstayed their visas because their paperwork was processing, they have real social security numbers and on the other the people who came without any legal status at any time. So just to do cherry pick certain solutions is not an immigration reform.

This is how I would deal with the situation:

1-st    Within 30 days create a onetime 12 month nonrenewable visa with two sections (the name of the visa will be created by house/senate). Section A for the people who overstayed their visas and section B for the people without any legal status at any time.

2-nd     Within the next 60 days register all undocumented people and provide them with the visa. The 12 month visa would start now.

3-rd    For the first three months plus the 12 month visa this is the time for the government to come up with the solution to the problem. No more kicking cans down the road. If they do not make the decision the visa will be exchange for the legal status. Otherwise they can create some penalty or another way that people can rehabilitate themselves. Fees are different for the people in sections A and B because people in section A already paid a lot of money to their lawyers.

The visa should allow people to leave the country and return back one time for no more than 30 to 60 days to visit parents and families.

In my opinion this is a humane way to keep people registered, to put more pressure on the congress and senate and finally to solve the immigration problem.

I would like to finish my conversation with you America with a poem I wrote not long ago before election 2012. I hope that this poem may be used as a proof that immigrants have been learning English!

We are the people too!

 We are the people who are living on the street.

We are the people who are surviving every week.

We are the people with families and kids.

We are the people who don’t kick cans down the road.

We are the people who keep the families somehow afloat.

We are the people who take care of your homes and kids.

You like to hire us for renovation

And when we’re done you serve us with a deportation.

We are the people who don’t deserve this treatment.

How is it in this rich nation millions of people are living in probation?

We are the people, who don’t have lobbyist representation,

That’s why we are in lifelong deportation.

We are the people who don’t move factories abroad.

America is still united, than why state policies are so divided?

Now upon us is a new election.

We hear again the same old promises

But don’t see any action.

We are the people with devotion,

Don’t treat us with a bad emotion.

We are the people who have a better life desire

But Senate keeps us in despair.

We are the people who are devout

That’s why all candidates are looking for the Vote.

Can Congress kindly spare America the drama-

And just for a moment support president Obama?

America!  We are the immigrants,

We are the people too!

Thank you!

Respectfully yours,

Igor Farion