Geronimo! Learning to Leap

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My mother, Mary Henderson, showing our newest employee Leny Geronimo the ropes.

My mother, Mary Henderson, showing our newest employee Leny Geronimo the ropes.

In the past two years since beginning my business as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, aiming to help meet the needs of both newcomers and employers, I have been fortunate to see my business grow at an amazing rate. New clients, new opportunities and new partnerships are just some of the exciting prospects I have been privileged with. But with new growth, comes the paperwork and added administrative duties that go with. As the paper and daily tasks mounted I knew I had turned a corner, and while my Mother (a great administrator in her own right) had happily stepped in to fill in where she could, the time had come – I needed to hire my very first employee.

Even though I knew my business would only benefit from this logical next step, it was a scary proposition for me, because I pride myself on being hands-on and being someone that clients know will go that extra mile for them. Ultimately I know that the calibre of your business relies on the calibre of the people who help you build it.  I knew I could source out new employees for my clients, but could I source out one for myself?  Living in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, while never a barrier when it comes to working on immigration applications or for employers from anywhere in the country thanks to modern technology, as the only immigration consultant in the city not too many others would have the particular skill set I was looking for.

Introducing Imagine Immigration's first  employee Leny Geronimo

Introducing Imagine Immigration’s first employee Leny Geronimo

Enter in Leny Geronimo, who had no idea how significant her surname is here in Canada!  Born in the Philippines, Leny had come to Canada in September of this year with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a wealth of experience working in Human Resources.

Back home in the Philippines, the company she had worked for often sent teams of people into other countries to offer tech support for the products they sold.  As a result she had a lot of experience working on visa applications!

A further perusal of her resume let me know that here finally was the ideal candidate for my company.  Not only did she have the specific experience processing visa applications that I was looking for, but arising from that experience was the knowledge of just how meticulous you need to be when filling out such forms.  I had found my first employee.

The added bonus, now that I’ve hired Leny and installed her into my office, is that it turns out she compliments my personality perfectly.

While I had focused much of my energies into clients needs, I hadn’t spent the time I possibly should have in ensuring my own processes and organizational work flow was set up to work as efficiently as possible. That aspect of my business now, thanks to Leny, is well underway!

Leny and I compliment each other's personalities perfectly.

Leny and I compliment each other’s personalities perfectly.

In the beginning I approached the prospect of letting someone into my office and my business with fear and trepidation, but now that I have finally taken the leap, it’s turning out even better than I ever could have expected.

Now, I can stop being so “busy” trying to juggle every aspect of my business at once, and instead focus on and invest the time that’s needed into actual client relations, and to building on my expertise and experience as a consultant rather than an administrator; something that will only benefit my clients both present and future.

Just as Saskatchewan, my home province, is experiencing growth, a growth that has translated into a need for many new skilled workers, so too has my business. Now, with Leny by my side doing what she does best.  I’m ready to face that growth head on and take even more leaps!  Geronimo!


It's great to work with such amazing women! (l to r Anika Henderson, Mary Henderson, Leny Geronimo)

It’s great to work with such amazing women! (l to r Anika Henderson, Mary Henderson, Leny Geronimo)

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