Good Enough to Stay

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We need to welcome new workers not only into our economy but into our country.

We need to welcome new workers not only into our economy but into our country.

As another Thanksgiving passes us by, one thing I know that I’m thankful for is all of the employers I do immigration consulting work for who treat the temporary foreign workers they hire with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Unfortunately the same can not be said for all employers who take part in the program.

At this point in our history Canada desperately needs workers and as a result, the Temporary Foreign Workers program was created as a way of filling that need.  A program that is a HUGE shift in Canada’s immigration policy, from welcoming newcomers, to welcoming workers for as long as they are useful to us.

Of those newcomers who arrive in Canada with hopes and dreams of one day living in Canada, willing to fill low-skilled, hard-to-fill positions, most are only here for a maximum of four years with no opportunity to become a permanent resident.  Typically they’ll stay for their four year maximum before returning home for a four year period, until they can apply once more to come to Canada, with the hope that this time things will be different. This time they won’t have to repeat the cycle and leave their families behind.

Temporary Foreign workers are filling a gap in our country's growth.

Temporary Foreign workers are filling a gap in our country’s growth.

Hardships for temporary workers are many, and because they are tied to specific employers, often times they are also subject to abuse at the hands of those employers.  While many employers (like the ones I work with) are AMAZING and look after their workers well, many other employers with temporary workers tied to them, use that tie to bind and force workers into unpaid overtime, dangerous conditions or sub-standard living conditions.  When a worker’s status in Canada is tied to their employer, the chances of a them complaining against that employer even if they are underpaid or abused becomes extremely low.

Yet these workers are needed and are filling a role in our country’s growth.  They are good enough to come and work here and to help save our economy by providing crucial labour but for some reason they are not good enough for us to provide them with the opportunity to stay permanently in Canada.

The other day I received a letter from a gentleman named Igor Farion, a U.S. immigrant who has lived and worked in the United States for over 22 years, but who, due to improper representation by a band of unethical immigration lawyers and bungling of his permanent residency status paperwork, now sits in limbo and like the millions of other immigrants waiting for the day when promised immigration reform finally will be implemented in the US .

If you’d like to read Igor’s letter in it’s entirety and to learn more of his story please visit this page [].  He ends his letter, with a poem that I will end this post with. While the system in the U.S. is much different than the one here in Canada, the parallels are unmistakable.  Our temporary foreign workers are part of the “people” of Canada too.  They are part of the fabric of our country, and they should be allowed the opportunity to become permanent residents, and ultimately citizens, of our great  country.

If you believe this too – spread the word – share your stories – and follow the hashtag #GoodEnuf2Stay or “Like” us on Facebook to see updates on this issue. (

We are the people too!

We are the people who are living on the street.

We are the people who are surviving every week.

We are the people with families and kids.

We are the people who don’t kick cans down the road.

We are the people who keep the families somehow afloat.

We are the people who take care of your homes and kids.

You like to hire us for renovation

And when we’re done you serve us with a deportation.

We are the people who don’t deserve this treatment.

How is it in this rich nation millions of people are living in probation?

We are the people, who don’t have lobbyist representation,

That’s why we are in lifelong deportation.

We are the people who don’t move factories abroad.

America is still united, than why state policies are so divided?

Now upon us is a new election.

We hear again the same old promises

But don’t see any action.

We are the people with devotion,

Don’t treat us with a bad emotion.

We are the people who have a better life desire

But Senate keeps us in despair.

We are the people who are devout

That’s why all candidates are looking for the Vote.

Can Congress kindly spare America the drama-

And just for a moment support president Obama?

America!  We are the immigrants,

We are the people too!

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