Reuniting Families – I Have The Best Job Ever

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I recently had the pleasure of helping a Saskatchewan family as they tried to bring their parents over for a visit from Africa.  It was a short turnaround time and lots of emails and phone calls back and forth – but you can see by the looks on their faces…all the effort was worth it.  Did I mention I have the best job ever?

Our family was able to celebrate graduations and birthdays together with my mom and dad who flew from Africa and got to Saskatchewan just in time. All the happiness and joy would not have been possible without the help and commitment of Anika Henderson the most dedicated and hardworking immigration agent.  Anika worked so hard and ensure all visa paper work was done appropriately and no important information was missing. The complete application package was submitted, and because it was done appropriately, the process took less than a week and the visitor visas for my parents were approved!!! Anika is very professional, caring, and flexible and made the whole process of visa application stress free, Thank you Anika!!!

Here’s a few photos that show the fun they had during their visit.  Glad to have played a part, however small, in their joy!

This Saskatchewan family was able to reunite for some incredible family celebrations.
My Canada includes both immigrants AND their families

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