SCA Announces Partnership with Imagine Immigration + Consulting Services

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Reprinted from the Saskatchewan Construction Association website:

The Saskatchewan Construction Association (SCA) is excited to announce their recent partnership with Imagine Immigration + Consulting Services (Imagine). The partnership was formed out of a need for foreign skilled workers to fill Saskatchewan’s current labour shortage. The partnership supports SCA members in workforce development.

As Mark Cooper, president of SCA, explains, “The SCA has heard from members that the immigration process can be cumbersome, time-consuming and wasteful. Knowing the importance of the immigrant worker pool for filling highly-skilled positions in our workforce, the SCA is excited to announce this partnership with Imagine. Anika is an immigration expert, and she knows our industry well. Her team will make the immigration process less painful for our members. Through this partnership, we’re delivering immigration services to SCA members that are high quality, very responsive and incredibly reasonably priced. This is a big win for SCA members.”

Imagine was founded in 2008 by Anika Henderson, and is a Canadian based immigration consulting service that offers immigrants the opportunity to live and work within Canada. Anika and her team of highly skilled professionals take people through every step of the immigration process to ensure they are placed with employers in need of workers.

Anika realized early on the time-consuming and sometimes daunting immigration process and has dedicated her work to focusing on minimizing these challenges, giving people an opportunity to focus on the excitement of a new experience.

Anika explains, “BuildForce Canada’s recently released 2014-2023 Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward forecast is telling Canada what Saskatchewan companies already know, that the need to build a strong, permanent workforce requires long-range planning. Seven thousand construction workers are expected to retire in the coming decade and paired with the continued demands on construction here in Saskatchewan, our need for skilled trades people is steadily increasing.

It’s for this reason that I am incredibly excited about the new partnership between Imagine Immigration + Consulting Services and the Saskatchewan Construction Association.  While separately we have both been working towards helping employers source the employees that Saskatchewan’s growing construction companies’ need, together we’ll be able to offer a much more comprehensive service that really looks to where the shortages lie and how together we can meet the needs and specific challenges of the membership.

As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant here in Saskatchewan, it’s not just a place where I do business, it’s also my home; a place where my family both lives and works.  It’s a place that I know intimately, and know just how much it has to offer every newcomer that  comes here to work. I’m looking forward to getting to know the membership and to discover where their challenges lie, partnering with the Association to help create the solutions needed.”

This new pilot program between the SCA and Imagine Immigration + Consulting Services will enable our members to take advantage of seasoned immigration professionals at below-marketplace costs. SCA members don’t pay for the service unless they use it.  There is no monthly fee or up-front costs and members will pay only for the services they use.

If you are interested in accessing these new immigration services, contact the SCA office at 306.525.0171 or by email

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  1. Vanessa
    September 8, 2014

    hi i just want to ask i was a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduated(BSN) i had exiceprnee for 9 years in hospital and at present im here i Ireland working as Health Care Assitant for 9 going to 10 years.just want to ask if there is opportunity to work in Saskatchewan as HCA.Same as with my husband he was a Xray Technician for 4 years,9 years as Health Care assistant and at present 10 years working exiceprnee as Health Care Assistant here in us thanx


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