“Anika and Leny are very professional with a caring touch at the same time. Our family can’t thank them enough for helping us all through out! We are very lucky to have them as our immigration consultant!”

Gen Yayen

“We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Anika and Imagine Immigration for all they did for us. They made this stressful time much more bearable by taking on all our paperwork and making sure we have all of the right information and taking the guess work out of it which can get very confusing. We are going on one year of marriage now and Brittany is here with me in Canada with permanent residency already and we know this wouldn’t have happened if we tried to do everything ourselves! Thanks again to Anika and Imagine Immigration crew!” 

Sincerely, Chris and Brittany Tallon

“It was winter 2007, my mom gets a letter from immigration notifying that my 10 year old brother was supposed to leave Canada within 30 days. Our resources were limited, our English was poor and we had no idea what to do. I had the fortune of meeting Anika a few months before, as soon as she learned about it, she contacted the immigration officers, discussed the situation and a couple days after she was driving us to Regina. The issue was solved in time, my brother was issued a Temporary Resident Permit and no one had to leave. Anika is incredibly knowledgeable and definitely gifted with the disposition to help others.”

Angie – Colombia                                        

“Anika has been indispensible to our family regarding both our work permits and PNP applications. She is highly knowledgeable, up to speed with new regulations and has worked with us to find solutions for a variety of disheartening challenges. She has always given us timely feedback and makes a great effort to answer our questions and concerns. I refer her to friends and family with confidence.”

Anneke – South Africa

“Our family was able to celebrate graduations and birthdays together with my mom and dad who flew from Africa and got to Saskatchewan just in time. All the happiness and joy would not have been possible without the help and commitment of Anika Henderson the most dedicated and hardworking immigration agent.  Anika worked so hard and ensure all visa paper work was done appropriately and no important information was missing. The complete application package was submitted, and because it was done appropriately, the process took less than a week and the visitor visas for my parents were approved!!! Anika is very professional, caring, and flexible and made the whole process of visa application stress free, Thank you Anika!.”

Marian N’Ganzo – Africa

“After dealing with a faceless, seemingly uncaring attorney in Montreal, meeting Anika was like a breath of fresh air.  We were ready to give up against Canada’s strict, expensive and time consuming immigration policies, but luckily we met with Anika.  She’s as friendly as she is knowledgable and went out of her way to assist us with our situation.  Without her help, we wouldn’t have been able to have our baby in Canada.  Thank you Anika!

Anthony & Ann – Canada/Thailand

“We were at a loss trying to determine why our application to extend Carine’s visitor VISA wasn’t granted. I did some research and found certified consultants existed and chose Anika. We felt comfortable the minute we met Anika. With Anika’s knowledge she filled out all the forms and whisked away our application. We were successful in extending Carine’s tourist VISA for much longer than we initially requested. Many thanks!”

Carine & Michel – France/Canada

“My wife and I had to go through a number of applications, for her to be able to remain in Canada the applications had to be submitted right on time, as we were dealing with strict expiry dates of our permits. Anika was a great source, the applications were sent and processed just in time. Im certain, we wouldn’t have been able to make it happen without her assistance, we were amazed by her compassion and how much she cared, she is not only an excellent consultant but a great person.”

Juan – Colombia



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  1. Vita
    September 8, 2014

    Regarding visas for international stetdnus, while I agree that in some instances visas are very difficult for some stetdnus in particular countries to get,and sometimes it seems to relate to particular immigration employees, I do not believe that getting visas is the difficult part. The area I think the sector needs to have a full conversation on is regarding those stetdnus having not performed or not having had the required attendance being able to stay in the country and attend another institution.I understand that the policy in theory means that a student must return home and then apply again but in reality this does not occur and there are many international stetdnus still in New Zealand, having either abandoned a course or been withdrawn through not attending or participating. These stetdnus are rorting the system and Immigration needs to make sure their database systems align with MOE ones in order to identify these stetdnus who should be either enrolled or returned home.


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