“We first began to use Anika Henderson and Imagine Immigration Consulting when the LMO application process became much more onerous a couple of years back. She was very thorough in working through the application process for us, and making sure that “all the ducks were in a row”…. the LMOs were approved without a snag.

“I guess the two situations where Anika and her team have really provided exceptional service for us was when we were within just a couple of days of an expiry of an LMO we had, and they were able to get a name assigned to it and a work permit application submitted in very short order meeting a tight deadline, to get the process rolling.

“The other thing I have really appreciated about Anika is the way she has prepared excellent packages for our foreign workers for presentation at the Border. All the documents are well organized, and they have been able to just sail through…. also, she’s always been “on standby” during arrival should there be any last minute glitches, or a need for clarification with Immigration Canada. Not to mention that she has been great about keeping me well informed, answering questions, communicating promptly, and generally “hand holding” through the entire process.

“Anika obviously has a heart for those people who want to relocate to Canada for the work opportunities we have to share. She has demonstrated a great commitment to the “new Canadian” community in Swift Current and to the businesses like ours that she has helped so much to navigate through the maze of this process.

“She has also worked well with our Foreign Workers in a follow up capacity, as they seek to establish permanent residence and Landed Status here.

“I would recommend Imagine Immigration without hesitation to anyone who is considering relocating a foreign worker to our community as a way of meeting critical staffing needs.”
Richard, Rockside Builders

I came to Canada on a temporary work permit as a heavy duty mechanic in March 2013 and shortly afterwards began my PR application with a large Canadian immigration company, after a few months of various emails back and forth it became apparent they were incompetent and I was just a number to them.

Matt Langton (Derbyshire UK)I began to look for someone locally based and found Anika at Imagine Immigration here in Swift Current. After a phone call and a meeting with her it was obvious I was dealing with a friendly knowledgeable professional who treated each case on a personal basis.

Anika gave me a list of what I documents needed to prepare and once complete she put together my PR application in the federal skilled trades category which I must say was very thoroughly checked and prepared, within 4 1/2 months I had my PR approved!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Anika to anyone looking for an immigration consultant and truly believe she is the best around. Many thanks Anika.

Matt Langton (Derbyshire UK)


“When you’re looking to hire Temporary Foreign Workers for your business, to have that connection and network and support that Anika brings with her is going to greatly increase your chances of retaining someone.  Plus all of the additional things she brings as well: the ease of dealing, the prompt response. It’s just been an absolute treat and pleasure to work with her.  It was a no-brainer after we met with her.”

Pat Rokochy, Cypress Motors – Swift Current, SK

“I have been wanting to slow down and then retire for a while, but the thought of recruiting an associate from overseas was daunting. Anika and her staff at Imagine Immigration guided and assisted me through the process of what I needed to do to make this recruitment a reality. I have successfully hired an associate and had no problems with the LMO, which was 63 pages long.  The completeness and accuracy of the information along with taking the right steps in the right order and using the right language resulted in my obtaining approval to hire a foreign worker in 6 days !!.  I would highly recommend Anika and her team for any of your recruitment needs for foreign workers.  Terry Wharton, Podiatrist, Swift Current.”

Terry Wharton, Swift Current Podiatry – Swift Current, SK

“It is my first time attempting to immigrate and it is my ambition to stay here and to live with my family here. Since I met Anika, she has given me the opportunity to get the job here. It’s very blissful to me and to my family.”

Emiliano Gallanosa – Philippines

“Anika is good at giving help and very knowledgeable about immigration, so if you’re having a problem you can go to Anika and she will help you and make some recommendations. Anika is heaven sent for me and has shed light on my path to change my future for me and my family and she has been very appreciated.”

Welbour Espartero – Philippines

“In October of 2012, we received notice that there was a big problem with our SINP application. We were so hopeless and helpless that our dream in going to Canada will be turned out to nothing. My sister-in-law told me about Ms. Anika, an Immigration Consultant, who had also extended her help to her sister. We contacted Ms. Anika and she was able to fix our problem. I was really thankful to Ms. Anika because without her, I cannot imagine we would go through this far. I have just received a confirmation that my SINP application was already approved. Million thanks to you, Ms. Anika.

Ma. Christine – Philippines

“I would recommend madam Anika to do any immigration matters. She is so efficient and does really good in the application in order to receive a positive result. Keep it up and God Bless you!!!!”

Hemie – Philippines

“I can really count on her, she is very helpful…”

Ma. Hannah – Philippines

“Anika has been there for me every step of the way, whenever I needed her. She puts 100% into helping everyone, and doesn’t stop until the job is done! I am grateful that she was there for me during my process, and would recommend her to anyone who needs a little help. Thanks Anika!”

John Alex – Colombia

“I’m Loreto Rilloraza, I came here in Canada April 2010 as a skilled worker under Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. I met a problem in getting my permanent residence.  I denied once, and so i seek help at the Welcome Center where Anika Henderson and others work there.  I relate my problem with them and they gave me advices of what i’m going to do.  It took a long time in processing my permanent residence and i owe all of this to Anika Henderson for not stopping helping me until it grant my permanent residence, and now  I have my family here. I thank you so much to Anika Henderson for her patience and for not forsaken me to all the problems I’ve met. God Bless and more Power to Imagine Immigration & Consulting Ltd.!!!”

Sincerely, Loreto Rilloraza
Testimonials for Imagine Immigration“Way back 2013 October I meet this Canadian name Anika Henderson at the Me Mart store (Filipino goods). On that month I was broked and jobless… I never thought that on that day my life was changed. Anika Henderson she’s an immigration consultant. She helped me to found a new employer and she submitted my application to the SINP this. A month later I got nominated and was able to get a new work permit. This year February I took my medical exams and now October 16, 2014 I got my Permanent Residence here in Canada. It’s just 10 months of processing from start to finish. I’m completely free… it was an awesome job mam Anika Henderson. I really appreciate it that we meet each other its such an honor for me. Thanks you God for the blessings what I received and thank you God you answered my prayers and your everlasting love!” – Laarni

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